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PA: Two Handle PAG DRP Encasement

Reina Imaging is pleased to announce our new 2 Handle Protect-A-Grid® DRP Encasement The Reina Imaging 2 Handle PAG DRP Encasement is designed and engineered specifically to support any 14×17 cassette-sized DR Detector and to enhance its radiographic examination capabilities. 2 Handle PAG DRP Encasement Features: Designed and engineered for precise fitment of any wireless…

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Value-based purchasing in imaging

How to win at value-based purchasing The term “value-based” with regard to health care purchasing is quite the buzzword. As everyone from Medicare to hometown docs embraces a new way of thinking about measuring the efficacy of care, momentum toward a more efficient process grows in strength and impact. Every health care dollar is precious.…

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Price shopping in health care

The perils of price shopping The new year often heralds change, as businesses and organizations evaluate past successes and challenges, while planning for a bright future. Budgeting is part of planning, and any purchase is an important part of the budget. So while we all must closely watch the bottom line, we must also take…

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