The perils of price shopping

The new year often heralds change, as businesses and organizations evaluate past successes and challenges, while planning for a bright future.

Budgeting is part of planning, and any purchase is an important part of the budget. So while we all must closely watch the bottom line, we must also take into consideration many long-term consequences of using only price to make decisions. Now that online purchasing is the norm, the quality and service model of the manufacturer becomes paramount to true value.

Radiographic imaging is a life-and-death business. The implications could not be more serious. Therefore, serious thought about purchases takes into account many factors, including patient safety, user satisfaction, and process of care.

When equipment is the primary focus the first decision is often the most basic: to lease or own.  Radiological equipment is often replaced every five to seven years. Leasing sometimes seems like a bargain. But if the equipment is going to last several years and will require only inexpensive routine maintenance, purchasing the equipment will most likely be better in the long run, according to Medical Economics magazine, (9/22/14.)

Once you have decided a purchase is in order, key factors to consider include:

Patient safety
Nothing is more important than the patient’s safety. Being able to use expensive radiological equipment properly and safely is the only way to achieve maximum results from the investment while ensuring patient safety. All of Reina’s products are designed with the user in mind.

Location of the seller
Radiological manufacturers in the U.S. are subject to many layers of regulatory licensing and testing. All Reina products are100% American made, and we strictly adhere to policies and regulations.

Expert advice
Is an expert on call to answer your questions and concerns? Are they easily available? Reina experts are not only available to answer questions; they offer free education and assistance to resolve a wide array of imaging issues.

Replacement process
We offer many opportunities for communication before the sale, so we help our customers avoid most problems, and the delays and business slowdowns associated with them. But when something does go wrong, we take care of the problem immediately. We’re always just a phone call away.

E-shopping for radiological accessories is a process that demands education and information. Don’t just point and click. Returns can be costly and interrupt your facilities or customer’s process of care. Let’s talk about your imaging needs, and discover precisely the proper piece of equipment. Let’s work together to improve your bottom line and ensure patient safety.