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New Product Design.

If the solution to your problem doesn’t exist yet, we’ll build it.


Innovating on Market Demand

In an industry that’s constantly growing with new technology, problems can arise without a ready-made solution to answer them. That’s where Reina Imaging shines: we can develop and deliver complex projects on a short timeline from concept, to drawings, to prototype, to commercial release. We are prolific inventors of solutions to our customers’ problems.  When a solution doesn’t exist in the marketplace, we can invent a solution to the problem and deliver complex projects on a short timeline from concept, to drawings, to prototype, to commercial release.

Other Services We Offer

Reina Imaging provides a wide range of services to help our customers achieve their goals and objectives. We have strong core competencies in human medical, veterinary, and nondestructive testing applications.

Our Services

Following best practices and adhering to ISO13485-2016 standards, Reina Imaging can take on any new project and make it a winner. 


Whether you have a finished CAD drawing and need the item built exactly to spec, or you need to tap into our extensive industry experience to create an invention, we’re ready to help complete your vision. We follow a gated product development plan to ensure that all customer requirements are met in a timely fashion, within budget.  


Unsure of which service you need? Consider technical consulting: we’re experts in the x-ray imaging arena, from the physics of x-ray production and control, to aerial image formation and image quality.  We can help our customers determine the proper solutions for their clients and patients.  Our team includes some of the most experienced and knowledgeable x-ray engineers and application specialists in the world.

We Always Provide the Best Quality Service for Customers

Reina Imaging prioritizes its solutions based on your specific radiology needs. Instead of the quick sale, we’ve built a name for ourselves on trust and long-lasting partnerships.

43 years

Over 200 Resellers

Supplying the radiographic community Reina Imaging products

50 US States

6 Continents

Selling and using our accessories.

10 Patents

50 Unique Protective Cases

Demonstrating a combination of creativity, innovation and clinical experience.