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MLK an inspirational hero

In the month when we especially celebrate Black History, we are drawn to learn more about our personal heroes, like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. We know his more famous words, the ones we hear often. But a deeper look reveals a lifelong dedication to science and learning we hadn’t noticed before and one that…

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From CR to DR technology

Old ways of doing are being phased out To incentivize U.S. health care providers to use digital radiography (DR), the Medicare system began reducing payments by 20% last year for analog x-ray exams.  This year, offices using computed radiography (CR) equipment will also have payment reductions, 7 percent for the next five years, and 10%…

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Reina Imaging survey

Earning your trust and respect Is there anything better than earning a reward? One of the first values we teach children is the value of earning a reward for hard work. So when we received the results of our most recent customer satisfaction survey, we’ll admit to feeling quite rewarded! We share that value with…

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