How to win at value-based purchasing

The term “value-based” with regard to health care purchasing is quite the buzzword. As everyone from Medicare to hometown docs embraces a new way of thinking about measuring the efficacy of care, momentum toward a more efficient process grows in strength and impact.

Every health care dollar is precious. Systems are growing leaner by the day. Decisions are being made on the basis of cost, sometimes at the expense of patient care and safety.

For practices to remain progressive and profitable, the purchase of radiological accessories must be measured in long-term outcomes. The price of something simply isn’t enough information for making a wise choice these days.

Low-cost accessories often aren’t subjected to the kind of rigorous, independent testing that companies like Reina mandate for their products. The price is lower because the process to produce them is cheaper. Smart companies in it for the long run know it is never acceptable to compromise on any aspect of life-saving medical equipment.

Low-cost accessories fail more often. They aren’t made with the highest-quality materials, and they aren’t manufactured to the demanding standards of the global health care community, like Reina products are. So you may see items similar to ours, but using cheaper materials, resulting in less functionality and reliability.

Low-cost accessories can be more hazardous to both the patient and the user. Reina products are designed from day one to accommodate the radiologist and radiographers, who repeat difficult tests day in and day out. Smart, well-designed products can prevent user and patient injuries, as well.

As we continue to make the health care system more cost-efficient while achieving better outcomes, major capital investments demand an educated approach. At Reina, our experts are always available to discuss your needs and answer questions before and after your purchase.

Long-term, having an education and service partner like Reina provides your best opportunity to leverage cutting edge technology toward a more robust bottom line.

The word “value” implies a definition of principles and worth. When you find both in one company, you can be sure your purchasing decisions have value. Give us a call today. Let’s discuss your needs, and find the best value for your practice.