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Marie Curie

Mother of Invention After French physicist Henri Becquerel first discovered a strange source of energy coming from uranium, the genius Marie Curie decided she needed to know more. During her research Mme. Curie made several scientific discoveries. Chief among them was that radiation did indeed come from the atom itself rather than an interaction between…

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New year, new goals

Getting even better at what we do As the new year approaches, we all start thinking about ways to improve in the future. Although science says fewer than 20 percent of us will make a personal resolution and really stick to it, just the time spent reflecting on betterment can be helpful. The most common…

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They Ask, You Answer

Marketing 101 for the 21st Century Even as the world grows smaller day by day, sometimes the distance between people seems to be growing. So many of our daily transactions are virtual, electronic, and isolating. At Reina, we’re all about specialized, personal solutions and real-world results. We embrace interacting with our customers, and we’ve gotten…

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