Marketing 101 for the 21st Century

Even as the world grows smaller day by day, sometimes the distance between people seems to be growing. So many of our daily transactions are virtual, electronic, and isolating.

At Reina, we’re all about specialized, personal solutions and real-world results. We embrace interacting with our customers, and we’ve gotten excellent direction on that from web-marketing guru Marcus Sheridan, the founder and president of The Sales Lion and author of “They Ask, You Answer.”

The book tells the amazing story of how Sheridan’s company, River Pools and Spas, used content marketing to recover from the brink of bankruptcy during the 2008 economic crisis. Sheridan grew the small business he once ran out of his old pick-up into the world’s busiest pool website. He also ended up creating a proven, low-cost method of gaining entry to B-to-B transactions that translates to sales.

Marcus provoked serious re-consideration of traditional marketing channels, and insisted that the best results come from real interactions, that give true value to both participants.

The good news, Marcus writes, is that you should already be an expert in what you do. You just have to tell that story to your customers. Just tell the truth. So when they have a question, you are where they automatically go for the answer. You become the hub of current, valuable, free information for your business segment. Not necessarily just to make the sale, but also to improve the whole process for everyone involved.

Sheridan doesn’t seek to control the way people search for business solutions on the internet, he wants to authentically earn their clicks, by providing valuable content that gets read and shared. Then, he says, you can build a level of trust that has your customers becoming your “evangelists,” by telling others about you.

His tactics can work in any industry, and at any level. It’s called “inbound marketing.” We strongly recommend anyone giving this book a read, and experience the profound impact.

At Reina, we are solidly devoted to this strategy, because it provides real value to you, our customer, and therefore, to us.

Now you know why we are proud to be the company that tells you the story of the first X-ray or the reason why anti-scatter grids really matter. We want to provide value for the time you spend on our blog, because we value learning about your work-related problems and challenges. Understanding of your imaging needs has a direct impact on how we build the most high-quality products on the market.

So if you ever have questions, or just want to know more about any facet of imaging, Reina experts are just a call or a click away. If you ask, then we will answer.