Getting even better at what we do

As the new year approaches, we all start thinking about ways to improve in the future. Although science says fewer than 20 percent of us will make a personal resolution and really stick to it, just the time spent reflecting on betterment can be helpful.

The most common attribute of successful people is lifelong learning. Curiosity is key to staying ahead of the game.

At Reina, we are purposefully curious. We are devoted to excellence, in all of our work, especially how we relate to our customers.  We want to understand your problems and challenges, and replace them with dependable answers.
So for 2018, we are setting a goal of providing more and detailed product information on our website. We do a great job of delivering relevant, current, and sometimes even fun information about the imaging process and business in this blog.

Now we want to further empower and educate, and provide even more detailed product specifications and information to you, our colleagues.

Every dollar spent on healthcare is precious, and every patient deserves the best treatment possible for those precious dollars. So as you strive to provide that best level of care and service, Reina will be standing beside you, designing and manufacturing the high-quality products you require.

We will be listening to your imaging process needs, and working to provide precise, customized solutions just for your office.

We will continue to research best practices, and bring them to you in a regular way you can depend on to supplement professional development.

You can expect researched, informative passages on our website. Our products will be described in easy-to-understand terms, with value-based information. We will bring you detailed background on the subtle but very important ways to discern between true high-quality hardware and the misleading knockoffs we’ll expose.

You’ll learn about the extremely high demands of our manufacturing processes, and our standing in the global community when it comes to quality.

And we’re not only providing more information. We’ll be available to discuss your original need to ensure the exact solutions reach you as expected.

So while you may be making a resolution to eat more fruit or stop smoking, Reina is committing to incredible power of transparent dedication to quality. We look forward to your feedback and greatly value the time you choose to spend with us.