Earning your trust and respect

Is there anything better than earning a reward? One of the first values we teach children is the value of earning a reward for hard work. So when we received the results of our most recent customer satisfaction survey, we’ll admit to feeling quite rewarded!

We share that value with every customer. We’re proud to have expanded our education assistance to customers, and continue to offer the highest service model in the business. But we also haven’t raised prices in five years. That’s important, to you and us. We work harder and smarter to keep bringing our customers the innovative solutions they need.

We spoke to more than a hundred purchasers of our products. We asked them to rate our quality from 0 (poor) to 10 (excellent.) A full 91.5 percent gave us a 10. They rated Reina products as “excellent.” The rest gave us a 9. We were incredibly satisfied by those results. We strive every day to find new ways to create and manufacture the highest quality imaging accessories on the market, all in the U.S., and subject to strict regulatory inspection and testing.

We also wondered about how you receive information and messages about radiological imaging accessories. We found out a third of you use social media to connect with us. We invite all of our readers to join this discussion. At Reina, we use every possible opportunity to open the dialogue around quality imaging accessories. We listen as much as we can. We are always open to conversations that help us better understand today’s needs or tomorrow’s possibilities. We provide education on many subjects. We make service our number one priority.

As you go about the business of saving lives, Reina stands ready to earn your “10,” like we did from almost all of our other customers. Find out about the Reina difference. Give us a call today and let’s discuss your radiology needs.