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Clear Two Step Footstool

The Clear Two Step Footstool allows the radiographer to perform weight bearing foot and ankle studies safely with ease. Most x-ray systems do not allow the user to bring the tube head focal spot low enough to be positioned perpendicular to the anatomy of interest. The Clear Two Step raises the patient to 16in above floor-level so any x-ray system can effectively deliver proper images. It features dual patient support handles, easy to clean surfaces, and tip-back casters for effortless placement and storage. Rated up to 500lb of direct patient weight, it has a slot underneath the top platform for AP images and two additional slots for positioning the image receptor during lateral exams.

Product Advantages

  • Ideal for lateral and AP weight bearing exams
  • 3 separate slot positions for image receptor
  • Safety handles for patient support
  • Durable, non-slip surfaces
  • 16 in. high platform
  • Can accommodate a 17 x 17 in. cassette size imaging receptor or smaller
  • Tilt-back casters for easy mobility
  • Rated up to 500lb.

Clear Two Step Footstool Brochure

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