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Equine Tunnel

Equine Tunnels offer superior DR panel protection when radiographing the hoof. This tunnel features four rubber feet that keep the DR panel raised up off the floor and fully protected in the dirtiest environments.

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The Equine Tunnel line of accessories offers superior panel protection and ease of use without breaking the bank. Available in a variety of sizes and configurations, the Equine Tunnel protects the DR panel from damage when radiographing the hoof. With its four rubber feet, the bottom of the DR panel is raised up off the floor and fully protected, making it perfect for use in the dirtiest environments.
  • Rugged and lightweight construction is rated up to 1K lb. of direct weight
  • Slip-resistant tube side protective cover
  • Positioning slot for lateral projections
  • Positioning slot for AP projections
  • Tunnel with solid bottom and four rubber feet protects the panel on all four sides during weight bearing exams
  • Available in 17x17in., 14x17in., 10x12in. and 24x30cm
  • Built-in carrying handle for transport and positioning
  • Configurable slots for use with or without a protective case

Equine Tunnels Brochure


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