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Tube side
Tube side
Curved corners
Cutout for tether and curved corners
Cutout for LED

501C Protect-A-Grid 2 DRP Encasement

The 501 C Protect-A-Grid® 2 DR panel grid encasement allows for safe and effective grid examinations within the direct radiographic modality. The PAG-DRP is a drop-on style that features a handle on the long axis of the grid. The encasement protects both the grid and the DR panel from any incidental damage that may occur. Allow for superlative image detail and contrast with PAG-DRP grid encasement.

***All Protect-A-Grids must be ordered with a grid. Contact Reina Imaging for grid selection assistance.***

Product Advantages

  • Lightweight aluminum
  • Handle on long axis
  • Drop protection
  • Curved corners

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