Customer service matters, especially when it comes to purchasing a valuable piece of medical imaging equipment. Local radiology equipment dealers can offer you the best quality of customer service for the overall cost. They provide a personal level of service that no one else can – and that makes all the difference in the imaging industry.

Local radiology equipment dealers offer much more than just customer service at the time of purchase. Here at Reina Imaging, we encourage you to reach out to your local dealer who will meet with you and your staff in person – this ensures your needs are heard clearly and met to your standards.

Ordering medical imaging equipment or accessories direct might save you a little time up front, but in the long run, you’re much more likely to be satisfied with the level of service you receive from a local dealer.

Why Local Matters

Shopping and buying locally is more important than ever – a number of key studies support this finding. When you choose to buy your medical imaging equipment from a local dealer, you’re helping invest in your community and your community’s future.

Not only that, but a local dealer can send someone out to help you quickly if something goes wrong with your imaging equipment – this can be a huge time and effort saver for you and your staff.

Though we live in an online consumer-driven market, at Reina, we believe specialized imaging devices should be treated with a lot more care than ordering, say, a pair of sneakers.

Quality of customer service and ability to show up for the job (i.e., local) are the best ways to find a radiology equipment provider if you want to be happy with your capital investment.