As everyone knows, the last two years have been very difficult for small businesses.  Reina Imaging performed exceptionally well under a global market downturn featuring initial demand destruction that cratered the global economy and subsequent rampant inflation in an extremely tight raw materials market. Many businesses went into a defensive crouch to try to deal with some of the worst economic conditions we’ve seen since the Great Recession.  We took the opposite approach and steadily built our infrastructure during the tough times, a move for which we hope to be rewarded when general market conditions improve.

During this time, our management team made several timely personnel moves to increase our talent pool and bolster our competitiveness.  Reina added an Engineering Manager and CAD Engineer to the roster and rolled out AutoCAD Inventor and Inventor Vault.  We added a Production Manager, Purchasing Agent, QARA Manager and several Customer Service Representatives.  These positions were filled from inside the organization to the extent possible and external talent was added as required.  The timing was important, as it allowed our new people and new roles to develop into full functionality in preparation for what we believe will be a strong upturn in our market segment in the second half of 2022.

The Company also made some changes to our upper management structure to respond more effectively to these new macroeconomic realities as well as to support our process-driven business model. 

After four years of reorganizing the business operationally from top to bottom as Chief Operating Officer, Steve Gdula will step into the role of Chief Executive Officer to allow him to continue our current trajectory and to focus on organic growth going forward.  Steve has the full confidence of our ownership, management and line staff, as well as all our clients who have worked with him to complete projects and to develop new products.  Beginning February 1, 2022, Steve will assume top-line management of the Company.

Tony Reina has been the General Manager at Reina for more than 15 years.  Tony has been instrumental in bringing the Company from a “Mom and Pop” business model to a process-driven, bona fide and certified medical device company.  Under Tony’s leadership, we successfully gained ISO 13485 certification and have maintained it through several changes to the ISO framework, most recently attaining ISO 13485:2016 certification.  Additionally, we gained cETLus factory certification in 2020, the North American gold standard for product safety.  Tony rolled out and implemented CRM with integration into our ERP software in 2018.  Presently, he is finalizing the implementation of our inventory management system.  As of February 1, 2022, Tony will assume the VP Operations position, which will give him full responsibility for the day-to-day operations of Reina Imaging.

As Reina Imaging expands its brand recognition, product offerings, and footprint in the domestic and international markets, Nick Reina will continue to serve in his current role as VP of Sales and Marketing.

Last, but not least, Leo Reina will remain as President and sole owner of the Company.  Leo will continue to focus on our business relationships and to support our team in all ways required to ensure a seamless transition to our new management structure.  Leo has successfully helmed X-ray Cassette Repair Company and Reina Imaging for over 40 years and built an impressive business that captured as much 90% of the global x-ray receptor protection market worldwide.  His accomplishments in our market segment, and Leo personally, are known around the world.