Reina Releases a Surgical Suite of Imaging Accessories

The operating room is a place of pristine precision. Inaccessible to most, surgery is a stringent, highly regulated area within the entire hospital. With the surgeon at the helm, all team members must play their part. Often, one of those important supporting roles is played by the radiographer. They must produce an accurate radiograph in a timely and safe manner. Like most radiographs, positive efficiencies and outcomes are crucial to time sensitive x-rays during surgical procedures. This can be a difficult task, depending on the image, equipment and surgeon’s demeanor. Reina Imaging has released a suite of products, specifically designed to alleviate the radiographers’ challenges and stress found in the surgical environment.

O.R. Positioning Partner Accessories

The 14×17 Mobile Positioning Partner and Image Tailor Positioning Partner are ideal intra-op mobile DR panel holders. Being fully mechanical with four locking casters, the multi-configurable Positioning Partner has piston driven vertical travel, a telescoping arm and a counterbalanced base that will not tip and potentially compromise the sterile field. The Positioning Partner pairs perfectly with a Jackson Table for spinal fusions.

O.R. Surgical Grid Encasement Accessories

The 14×17 Surgical PAG 2 grid encasement is our thinnest and lightest grid encasement. This ultra-sleek profile allows the grid to fit in the smallest of spaces. This was designed specifically to fit inside a pizza pan cassette tray.

O.R. Snap-On Grid Encasement Accessories

The 14×17 Snap-On PAG grid encasement is a perfect combination of lightweight protection and a small footprint. With its dual sliding locks, the wireless flat panel detector will remain safely secured while in use. Being milled from a single piece of HDPE, this design not only fits underneath most surgical tables but also sports a very lightweight construction, weighing in at just under one pound without the grid.

The products thus far all have one common attribute – protection. These surgical accessories protect expensive DR panels from drops, protect the patient by not compromising the sterile field and now with our line of Radiation Protection Gloves, will protect the surgeons too. When live fluoroscopy is used, radiation, whether direct or scatter, is an unavoidable occupational hazard. Our sterile, disposable, powder free gloves come in a variety of sizes and two thicknesses for superior tactile sensitivity. Samples are available upon request.

For the safety and benefit of all the OR room players, together, let us all do our part and protect one another. Reach out to your Reina Imaging reseller and ask for more information on any of our surgical imaging accessories today.

Mobile Positioning Partner®

  • Ideal for under table intra-op or for cross table work in post-op
  • Size adjustable head to hold 17x17in image receptor or smaller
  • Telescoping arm
  • Piston driven vertical travel
  • Small footprint, easy to drape
  • No electric
  • Four locking swivel casters
  • Counterbalanced and will not tip

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Image Tailor Positioning Partner

  • Designed for precise fitment of your 14×17 in. panel
  • Both two and three position configurations feature an image receptor tray and built in detents to speed workflow and reduce patient hold times
  • Factory configured overlap area
  • Removable custom detector holder available with or without a grid allows the DR panel to be used in intra-op and post-op
  • Simple push-button mechanism engages the zero gravity lift assist
  • Available in two or three position configurations from 14 x 34in. to 14x51in.

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14×17 Surgical Drop-On Protect-A-Grid 2 Encasement

  • Fits into pizza pan and underneath most surgical tables
  • Lightweight aluminum protects the anti-scatter grid
  • Friction contact points allow for easy drop-on application
  • Nonporous surface, easy to clean
  • Curved corners with no sharp edges

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14×17 Snap-On Protect-A-Grid DRP Encasement

  • Fits underneath most surgical tables
  • Slide locks quickly and easily secure grid to DR panel
  • Easy to clean nonporous surface for superior infection control
  • Made from a single piece of HDPE providing protection to the grid and DR panel
  • Curved corners, no sharp edges

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Radiation Protection Gloves

  • Lead free
  • Powder free
  • Sterile
  • Disposable
  • Beaded Cuff
  • Textured finger for perfect grip
  • Superior tactile sensitivity
  • Uniform thickness from fingers to cuff
  • Anatomic shape and ergonomic design
  • Soft, flexible and elastic
  • Made in two thicknesses
  • Highest protection in each segment
  • Available in sizes from 6.0 to 9.0

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