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CXDI 55G/C Bucky Insert

Replacing table and wall buckys can be expensive. The material and labor costs to swap the units can add up fast. The 55G/C and 50G/C Bucky Insert is an adaptor that updates the cassette tray without the need for a FSE at a very low cost. The outside dimensions of the adaptor mimic the existing outside dimensions of the 55G/C panel, while the internal dimensions match that of an ANSI standard wireless 14x17in. detector. It can be customized with cutouts for the battery, LEDs and power button. This way the panel can always remain in this protective case. With the ergonomic single handle providing a sure grip, the chances of panel drops when moving from the table to the wall is greatly reduced. Being milled from a single piece of HDPE, the holder is strong, easy to clean and features our Twin-Lock dual locking system to keep the panel safely secured.

Product Advantages

  • Converts existing 55G/C and 50G/C Bucky Trays to work with any cassette sized wireless panel
  • Lightweight design with a handle and Twin-Lock provides superior panel protection
  • Can be used in both the table and upright wall stand
  • Can have customized cutouts for battery, LEDs and power button

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