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Lead Backer

Our line of Lead Backers can reduce backscatter and resolve imaging artifacts caused by increased exposure techniques and internal components of the DR panel.

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Exams such as cross table hips and/or lumbar spine (L5/S1) require increased exposure techniques and can be tricky to position. Couple that with the removal of the lead lining on the back of DR panels due to a constant push for DR panel weight reduction, which can lead to undesired results. Backscatter can cause a very specific artifact in a radiographic DR image. You will clearly see the internal components of the DR panel on the x-ray. This will result in a repeat exam and a very frustrated user and patient. Our line of Lead Backers can reduce backscatter and resolve this imaging artifact.
  • Reduces backscatter caused by characteristic radiation
  • Available in a variety of lead thicknesses
  • Can be used with a variety of our PAG grid encasements
  • Lead sheet is sealed and protected by a polycarbonate overlay

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