Diagnostic imaging is a key part of almost every kind of medical treatment. As global demand surges for better, faster images, it’s critical to get maximum return on equipment and accessories, in both quality and usability.

Did you know studies show service is as valuable as price to your bottom line?

Answer the following four qualifying questions to see where your accessory supplier ranks. For Reina Imaging, it’s all about service and quality improving both patient safety and satisfaction.

1. Is your supplier big enough?

Reina makes accessories that work with every major original medical equipment manufacturer world-wide and we provide rapid production and shipping. With our full-time quality department and yearly audits by BSI, we ensure continuing compliance certification. Avoid small production facilities and ask if they have any known QA/QC issues. Low-quality, poorly engineered, potentially dangerous products demonstrate improper risk mitigation mandated by ISO and FDA.

2. Does your supplier keep parts in stock for quick shipping?

With our 25,000 square foot facility, Reina is the largest anti-scatter grid distributor in North America, serving six continents. Avoid suppliers who do not carry stock or do not qualify their parts, leading to long lead times and costly returns, which drives down your profits and injects risk into the purchaser’s business.

3. Is your manufacturer really certified as upholding the highest standards in medical manufacturing?

Beware of red-flag phrases like “our products are built to ISO standards, our company adheres to ISO practices, we have an ISO quality system or we’re ISO compliant but waiting on our certification”.  Reina holds the highest available manufacturing standard, ISO13485:2016, certification, accepted globally. You don’t want to cut corners when it comes to medical devices that are in direct patient contact.

4. Is your supplier available after the purchase?

Seems obvious: we have real, live experts with clinical and technical experience replying 24/7, dedicated to getting you what you need, now, or supplying critical information on demand. Beware of suppliers with fewer than a dozen employees shipping third-party products that can disappear overnight.

A purchase is only the beginning. Superior service and quality that keeps your equipment and accessories in use and patients safe is what sets us apart. Reach out to Reina Imaging today. Start getting everything you deserve from your radiographic imaging accessory supplier.