Many companies make high-quality products. Many embrace an ethical culture. But to do both is transformational, for companies, their customers, and their employees. Socially responsible companies don’t just make better products, they make a better world. At Reina, we hold ourselves to that high standard.

True leadership means bringing out the best in everyone you touch, not just coming in first in sales. By demonstrating success within socially responsible guidelines, businesses can model the value of investing in issues that may appear to have no direct impact on profit margins, but are in fact, key to long-term progress and success.

Once just a buzz topic, social responsibility has evolved into one of the more important measures of reputation, which in turn drives decision-making.

Social issues can be local, national, and global. It’s not just about recycling and charitable giving. Innovation and engagement are also important, as more consumers prefer a new kind of accountability, a demonstrated social responsibility, especially around purchases that involve sizable investment or have an emotional impact.

It matters to employees, too. A study from Cone Communications reveals that 64% of millennials won’t take a job from a company that doesn’t have strong corporate social responsibility practices.

Few businesses have more emotional impact on our lives than those in the healthcare field. Radiological imaging provides the information for decisions that change lives. So at Reina, we have a finely tuned system of design and manufacture that assures our customers of the highest quality products and service.

We source our manufacturing resources ethically and sustainably, we carefully avoid waste, and we recycle whenever possible. The fact that most of our employees have been with us for many years is an indication that we treat them well.

We serve our customers by not raising prices in five years, and by actively listening for ways to improve, reaching out regularly and sincerely. Prevention can be hard to measure, but Innovative communication definitely reduces business downtime for our customers.

We do these things because we care about our reputation as a trustworthy source of products and education. And yes, many studies show that being socially responsible is also good for the bottom line. At Reina, we also consider your regard for our company as paramount to our definition of success. That’s why we are always available to talk, to discuss options, and to provide information.

Radiological imaging informs some of life’s most important decisions. We strive to instill a sense of pride in our work that becomes reflected in yours. Companies need to do more than manufacture. We have a responsibility to weave our success within the fabric of society, creating an inclusiveness that indeed makes the world a better place.

Are there other ways we could improve our social responsibility? We invite you to let us know.