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Available in a variety of hooks and lengths
GL Floor Mounted Column with Easy Reader
Easy Reader hook for DEVO GL.
Stitching Platform with Easy Reader
Easy Reader on Stitching Platform with Handles

Easy ReaderTM Radiopaque Ruler

The Easy Reader radiopaque ruler is ideal for spine and hips to ankle examinations.  Its high-contrast NIST compliant reference marks are easy to see with your eyes as well as in a radiograph. It is simple to attach and remove with a stainless steel plastic-lined bracket that glides across the entire imaging area and won’t scratch or mar equipment. Available in a variety of lengths, with or without a mounting bracket. It is 100% lead-free, RoHS compliant and made in the USA.

Product Advantages

  • Effortless application
  • Lead-free, environmentally friendly, safe for patient contact
  • Stainless steel plastic-lined bracket slides easily across entire image area
  • Clearly visible, high-contrast, easy to read radiopaque reference marks
  • Made from resilient material that is both flexible and strong
  • Available in various lengths with and without mounting bracket

Easy Reader Brochure

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