The concept of balance informs many human actions and interactions. Balance can be described as a point within every structure, but it is almost always temporary because movement and potential is nearly limitless.

We are often urged to find balance, seek balance, respect balance. It is as if life itself can somehow be measured, divvied, and kept in balance at all times.

Of course this is a significant reach, on many levels. Balance is better thought of as a goal that indicates a positive condition.

We all make decisions daily around balance – what to eat, whether or not to exercise, when to work and when to play. There’s a whole industry around helping you find “work-life balance.” Americans are judged to be very poor at this! Compared to counterparts around the world, we currently rank somewhere around the 25th mark when our ratio of work hours to life hours is measured. Starting in 2017, the French government allows workers to disconnect from email when they’re not in the office. Danish culture has a word specifically for “happiness at work.” People in Belgium get home for dinner every night and take month-long vacations over their kids’ summer school break. Under German law, many businesses are closed on Sunday.

Balance in all things is more than a poetic ideal; it is a worthy pursuit, especially when it comes to medical professionals, whose work life is often inherently chaotic.

When making choices around health care, and specifically, in diagnostic imaging balance remains a critical issue to deal with daily. Radiologists make decisions taking into account the balance of potential gain to potential harm. Radiographers select the mAs and kVp needed to achieve a balance in densities and the acronym ALARA (as low as reasonably achievable) also plays into the equilibrium required to reduce dose but obtain an optimal image.

In choosing accessories and equipment, decisions are made reflecting this balance. Some Reina Imaging protective accessories are diuturnal and more resilient to damage, but they are heavier than lighter weight less protective models.

Throughout the industry, imaging volume is growing. Radiologists and the entire diagnostic imaging department are under ever-increasing pressure to take on more patients and improve turnaround times. Finding the proper balance is no simple task.

At Reina, we often help customers find balance through enhanced communication. We take the time to discuss individual needs, so the perfect solution can be found the first time, leveraging our deep expertise to our customers’ benefit. Balance is a worthy goal, and can be found in almost every circumstance, once authentic communication has discovered all options.