Recently here at Reina Imaging, we have been helping our customers and end-users understand the balance between price and quality.  Price without quality creates a situation that undermines the high-quality process of care all healthcare entities strive to deliver for their patients.  Purchasing decisions should be made based on the value of the product and its features, not its cost alone.  A high-quality, utilitarian product provides the user with value that can’t be delivered by a cheap, low-quality, low-utility product.

From superior design engineering to amazing touch, feel, and accuracy, Reina Imaging delivers a world-class product portfolio.  Simply put, we make the best devices on the market and we’ve been doing so for over forty years.  Our products are designed to perform and built in the USA to last.  Customers can expect many years of trouble-free operation with our products, providing the lowest total cost of ownership in the business today.  If it doesn’t say “Reina Imaging” on the product, you’re not buying the best.

We recently became aware of a media announcement from the United Kingdom featuring our Mobile Positioning Partner.  Derriford Hospital received the device and was thrilled at its performance and versatility.  This glowing unsolicited customer testimonial shows why Reina Imaging is the most respected accessory provider and most sought-after research and development partner across six continents.

Don’t take our word for it, have a read for yourself and see why 99% of our customers rate Reina Imaging as superior to all other competitors and 96% rate our products and service 10 out of 10.