The Rightfit Bucky System provides custom security

If you have a protective case on your cell phone, do you take it off each time you make or take a call? Of course not. So why not use a system to keep your mobile imaging detectors in a case at all times during procedures?

Reina’s Rightfit Bucky System is like that case for your phone. It provides custom security for streamlined workflow and enhanced productivity, and is an ideal in-room solution to reduce detector drops when transitioning from the table to the wall equipment and beyond.

Reducing the scatter-to-primary ratio of radiation has been a goal of diagnostic imaging since its invention. Achieving reduction using a radiographic grid was introduced to diagnostic radiography by Gustav Bucky in 1913. The grid consists of a thin arrangement of lead strips, tightly packed, with an absorbent material between them, placed between the patient and image receptor. Low-level photons “scattered” by the imaging process are absorbed by the lead strips in the grid, giving preference to X-rays which pass straight through, called “primary radiation,” in an action comparable to a window blind. Scatter radiation can blur the final image.

Grids can be:

Parallel, with the lead strips arranged parallel to each other and perpendicular to the radiation beam;

Focused, with the lead strips angled so focus is obtained at a specific distance;

Crossed, using two layers of parallel or focused strips at right angles to each other;

Moving, where the grid is moved reciprocally to remove any shadows generated by the grid lines during the X-ray exposure.

This moving grid is generally referred to in diagnostic radiography as a reciprocating grid which resides in the “Bucky.” (The Bucky is named after one of its inventors.)

The name has now come to represent the sliding metal tray under the radiographic table that holds the anti-scatter grid and the cassette or DR panel.

The Rightfit Bucky System takes the standard “Bucky” to the next level. It builds in protection. You never have to leave your detectors unprotected. Reina takes the worry out of a fast-paced radiographic environment.

Once your office has made the investment in digital imaging equipment, your next concern becomes protecting that major investment. The suite of products in the Rightfit Bucky System will keep your detector safe and secure. The Mobile DR Panel holder, features an ergonomic handle on the long axis, twin-lock™ retaining systems and air-ride™ corners for additional drop protection. The table bucky and wall bucky are built for seamless integration with the Mobile DR Panel holder and allow for easy rotation and loading.

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