Drop the worry of dropping panels

Ever had that sick feeling in the pit of your stomach as you watch your phone hit the pavement, or hardwood floor, or other death-sentence surface? If so, your mind probably instantly went to your bank account next, as you calculated whether you could afford a new phone.

Now imagine being the director of a diagnostic imaging unit with employees who drop an $80K DR panel on the floor. Similarly filled with sensitive electronic equipment, yielding a similar effect upon connecting with the floor. Even the sick feeling is the same. There’s little difference between the two, except, (gulp) the price.

If you have dropped and destroyed your phone, at your expense, chances are you now have a protective cover, maybe even one of those huge, clumsy rubber boxes that makes your phone two sizes larger but promises peace of mind.

And if you run an imaging office, why not prevent that expense with Reina’s DR panel protection? Two main stumbling blocks of mobile DR panels are cost and fragility. With our latest breath of ingenuity, now you can have that same peace of mind to go along with your capital purchase. Our DRP Accessory line offers protection and practicality alongside advanced technology.

Reina’s Mobile DR Panel holders allows for safe and effective examinations within the direct radiographic modality. The Mobile DR Panel holder is custom fit to every OEM’s model of DR panel. It features a locking system, handle options, Air Ride corners and is made from a smooth non-porous single piece of HDPE for extra drop protection.

It’s important that we talk about this purchase, so we can make sure you get the exact product you need, the first time. Re-orders and returns cost too much time and productivity.

Let’s be sure you have every chance to avoid that “oh, no!” moment. Protect your DR panels today. Can’t find the model you are looking for? Contact us now for assistance.