From Frau Anna to today, imaging is about innovation

“The Hand of Mrs. Roentgen” is among Time magazine’s most influential 100 images of all time. It is the first X-ray, taken of the hand of the wife of its pioneer, Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen. It may look rather Halloween-creepy by today’s standards, but it signaled the beginning of a revolutionary way of thinking about medical diagnosis and treatment.

In 1895, Röntgen turned his research to a procedure that would earn him the first Nobel Prize in physics, for creating the field of diagnostic imaging. His wife participated in some experiments. It is said that Frau Anna Röntgen was horrified at the sight of her own bones, exclaiming, “I have seen my death!” And although both eventually died of cancer, the discovery of X-rays has been life saving, to an untold number of people.

Diagnostic imaging continues to evolve to this day, with new hardware and software improving the quality of the images themselves and vastly reducing the exposure to radiation.

Reina Imaging has been at the forefront of this industry since our founding almost 40 years ago. We embrace the challenge to improve constantly that is inherent in any medical procedure or protocol. As manufacturers, we also fully implement the highest standards using the best materials to render these improvements.

Recent additions to our Positioning Partners line are just the latest example of our agility and capacity. We can now provide safe movement of detectors that weigh even 88 pounds! Once again, with these innovations, Reina solidifies its position at the forefront, continually driven by the same determination to save lives as our field’s founder, Röntgen.

We are doing things that no other company has been able to do yet, and are arriving first to market again and again. Our commitment to research, our unique combination of clinical experience, ingenuity, and medical manufacturing practices allow us to remain the leaders of this industry.

When you think about major medical advances that save lives, X-rays were the beginning of one of the greatest advances in all of scientific research. Reina’s place in that unbroken course of advancement and ingenuity means your patients and radiographers receive the highest attention to safety and detail available in manufacture today, evidenced by our strict adherence to global standards.

If we can help you move an 88-pound detector safely, there’s really nothing we can’t handle. If you have a challenge or problem, reach out to us. We provide the latest information with our education and research service, and our full line of imaging accessories can be delivered overnight, if necessary.

When you think innovation and efficiency, think Reina.