How pioneers like Reina change the world

The American can-do spirit has always created pioneers, those who push boundaries, take risks, seize opportunities, and change the world around them. They do this at great personal, and often, financial expense. But for pioneers, the cutting edge is home.

Reina Imaging has always been a pioneer in diagnostic imaging. That spirit is a cornerstone of who we are, defining our strategy and our passion. As a small, family-owned company, it’s the way we set ourselves apart and above mega-counterparts driven more by profit.

But the way we see it at Reina is, how could we ethically cut corners when it comes to patient safety and diagnostic efficacy? Our mission is providing world-class radiological products and services to the medical field through innovative design and industry-leading construction.

We demonstrate our pioneering spirit in two main ways: through the products we create and manufacture, and through the service we provide for the lifetime of our products.

Reina Imaging rigidly adheres to the highest global standards. We manufacture all Reina Imaging products by hand, in the U.S., to full ISO13485 standards. We use the best available materials, and require steep testing standards before we even consider letting you use our products in a professional setting. We do research that no one requires but us, because our internal standards are that high.

Then we back up our products with the industry’s leading service model. We are never more pleased than when we have the kind of conversation that gets you exactly the products your office needs. We also provide free education on many topics related to diagnostic imaging.

Don’t settle for knock-offs that use cheap materials, from shameful companies that plagiarize research and publish misleading studies. Take a few minutes to talk to us, and you’ll see the difference, easily.

From custom fitting the handles on your DR panels, to the suite of products in the Rightfit Bucky System that keep your detector safe and secure, all Reina products put the user at the highest point of consideration in design. We think about the patient and the radiographer first, and then we design and create. Your safety and patient safety undergird every aspect of our production. Yes, this takes time and commitment. It also results in the best available resources for our customers.

Like you, Reina Imaging never takes chances with the health and wellbeing of your patients. We’re here to help you save lives.