How to choose the correct handle for a mobile DR panel

We perform some of the same motions so often in our jobs, they become almost automatic. What we don’t want them to become is thoughtless, especially when they involve expensive imaging panels and vulnerable patients. We also want to decrease occupational hazards and reduce fatigue via repetitive stress injuries for radiographers.

Are handles on mobile DR panels an advantage? They certainly can be. The choice and use of the right handle really does make all the difference. So at Reina Imaging, a very thoughtful approach to the design of our handles for mobile DR panels means we can offer nearly every option you can imagine.

Yes, handles may complicate storage and you may have to use oversized contact precaution bags. And yes, some handles can get in the way when positioning the imaging receptor for some patients who use a wheelchair. That is why we offer this product in a variety of styles, from single handles on different axes up to those with three handles.

Flat panel detectors are expensive, and using handles on their protective cases is proven to decrease the chance of dropping detectors. Handles make panels easier to lift, manipulate, and move, and are easier on the wrist and arm of the radiographer or tech. In other words, a handle can make panels easier to carry and position, very important for mobile DR panels that are much heavier and expensive than CR or film cassettes.

It’s critical that the handles be fitted to the user, and to the facility requirements. Reina Imaging custom makes a line of Mobile DR Panel holders that allow the radiographer to easily store and carry the DR panel to and from examinations, reducing the risk of accidental drops. Our one-piece polycarbonate construction, Twin-Lock™ double lock design to keep the detector locked in place, Air-Ride™ corners to provide extra protection against impacts, and an economic “insurance policy” for your expensive mobile DR panel. The Mobile DR Panel holder reduces the TCO (total cost of ownership) of your DR panel by increasing its uptime and useful product lifecycle by reducing detector drops.

Another solution from Reina’s full line of custom-built, medical-imaging protective solutions, our mobile DR panel handles reduce their two, main stumbling blocks: cost and fragility. Our lighter approach to panel protection offers you peace of mind around this major capital purchase.

But perhaps the more important investment is in the workers themselves. According to a study by the (British) Society of Radiographers, “the various components within the radiography practice pose injury risks…in performing diagnostic imaging examinations such as positioning patients in bed or on x-ray tables and lifting of heavy objects,” like imaging panels. These situations have a “significant role in the development of repetitive stress syndrome in radiographers,” the study showed.

Work-related musculoskeletal disorders, which comprise a wide range of inflammatory and degenerative diseases and disorders, are a major occupational hazard for any medical professional who performs repetitive, forceful, or awkward movements that result in injury to muscles, nerves, tendons, and ligaments. The repetitive nature of radiography, as well as the constant positioning and re-positioning of patients, can cause significant stress on the body.

You need every advantage to ensure worker safety and efficient radiography. Handles on your custom-made DR panels are important. If you still haven’t found what you are looking for, or are not sure exactly what you need, please call us. One short conversation can lead to long-term increased profit and decreased downtime.