The Pros and Cons of Reina Imaging’s Products and Services

Is it smart to openly discuss a company’s pros and cons with its customer base? We know it is. Gaining trust through transparency is something we value at Reina Imaging. So let’s start with the cons.


New products can have long development cycles.

Reina Imaging is a small but growing family business that is ISO13485 compliant. That means we have invested in a complex process of standardization of quality that allows us to supply medical devices to nearly every corner of the globe. This is a monumental undertaking for a small firm with limited resources, but it is the basis of our growth. The quality process requires numerous checks and balances to bring a new product to market. Clicking on the link above will provide more details about these tasks. I do realize the term “long” is subjective. We move as quickly as safety and quality allow. The process depends on the complexity of the product, and the responsiveness of the customer. Remember, these are rigorously tested medical devices that have an impact on patient lives. They are not luxury items that can be taken lightly in any aspect. So quality takes time. It can also slow down the delivery of new products to the market. Just know that, we fully understand the urgency and importance of your needs. We’re just making sure every single accessory we deliver meets the highest standards of quality.

We rarely say no to new projects.

We’re rare, because we almost always react to the potential of a new product. Being innovative in this way is a challenge sometimes, but it’s important to demonstrate our willingness to create and deliver the best products this industry has to offer. A learning curve can us slow down and perhaps not bring the best ROI, but you can rest assured that what we do make is of the highest quality, and we stand fully behind our entire product line.

We do not manufacture everything we sell.

There are some items that we do not manufacture ourselves, such as anti-scatter grids, imaging plates and cassettes. That means we cannot always control the lead times, availability, or cost of those items. This is an unavoidable truth.

Our price may be higher.

Some of our accessories are priced higher than other, comparable items. May we offer some hard-earned wisdom for those who price shop? You get what you pay for. There is always a reason why a product that may look similar to the eye, is half the price. Reina Imaging does not sacrifice quality in order to offer a product that is lower priced, but breaks down quickly or puts the patient at risk. Returns and replacements cost time and money. Reina Imaging creates the market for nearly every accessory. So you may see items similar to ours, but using cheaper materials, resulting in less functionality and reliability.


Clinical experience yields clinically friendly products.

Reina Imaging comprises an unbroken line of radiographic employees spanning two generations. We have the inside track on working in an x-ray department. That on-the-job knowledge allows us to not only create tech-friendly products, but also helps us discern any potential product issues from other imaging issues that arise. Ask any radiology director or supervisor – there’s nothing worse than a pile of accessories sitting in a corner unused because the staff does not like the way they function. You will not see that with our products.

Our service is second to none.

We pride ourselves on service. Our customers are happy to tell you about the support Reina Imaging has provided the radiographic community since 1978. Our reputation precedes itself. You would be hard-pressed to find companies that provide our combination of family-style service and stringent manufacturing standards with our superfast response times to even difficult questions. Also, being located just outside Chicago gives us a logistical advantage when shipping within North America. Though our production hours are standard, we still work nearly around the clock answering questions and providing technical support that goes well beyond just our own product lines. The two things we love doing most is solving problems and helping customers. There’s no charge for that service.

Our Quality Management System is excellent.

Just like our service, our Quality Management System tops the list. This is how we maintain our level of consistently superior products, delivered in large volumes. This is the foundation of Reina Imaging, because we supply accessories to most of the diagnostic imaging community.

Employee retention is key.

A matter of particular pride is the stability of our workforce. There’s no revolving door here! About 40 people work at Reina, and many have been with us for more than 20 years. The ability to retain staff is how we properly train and create an empowered, knowledgeable team, leading to more efficient and accurate support for you.

We have quick and efficient production lead times.

Most of the products we manufacture or repair can be out the door within 3-5 days. If you order something that’s pre-built and ready to be pulled off the shelf, it can ship the same day, if ordered before 2pm CST. We also can offer 24-hour turnarounds for some products that a facility cannot do without, such as full spine CR cassettes or the only grid at a busy ortho practice.

At Reina, we know that open, honest communication with our customers, including posts like this, leads to superior service, and in the end, to superior patient care. We are not just accessory manufacturers. We never copy anyone else’s products. We are accessory consultants, here to create and deliver innovative products that improve HC for us all. So if you have a need, issue, or idea, give us a call. We’re always here for you.