Diagnostic Imaging and to be more specific, flat panel detectors continues to improve year after year. Keeping up with the latest equipment is an investment in quality, and Reina Imaging is often asked what kind of guarantees can we provide our customers who use our products.

Reina Imaging isn’t a re-seller; we’re a manufacturer. Within a growing industry, Reina remains committed to being a friendly, small, family business that is always there, for our customers and patients alike.

We supply precision radiographic accessories, to full ISO13485 standards. There are no shortcuts when you are dedicated to setting the service standard for both form and function for the industry. So our goal is getting it right the first time.

Holders and encasements for DR panels are like cases for mobile phones. They help with protection, and are dependent on the care of the user. Reina accessories are designed intelligently, making use easier, with clinical experience built in to construction. We commonly hear questions about what type of assurances is available with our Mobile DR Panel holders or Protect-A-Grid encasements: what happens if we drop one?

The answer is, if it breaks, you will have to replace it. We do not insure detectors. But the good news is, we’ve already thought about that, from material components to design. Before you even touch our accessories, Reina has guaranteed their highest safety standard. Obviously, OEMs don’t give us functional live detectors that we can use or damage for drop testing. So we do safety and drop testing on our own applicable devices.

Instead of a backend replacement warranty, we manufacture it right to start with, so performance is guaranteed. For example, a primary component material we use is called HDPE (high density polyethylene.) HDPE has a high flexural modulus. For those of us without engineering backgrounds, that means it flexes well, while returning back to its original shape. So it protects in case a drop or stress occurs.

We also hear, “why not use carbon fiber instead of plastic?” While carbon fiber is extremely strong and lightweight, it is also very expensive, and prone to splinter when it breaks. This increases cost to the end user and presents an unacceptable risk. Patient safety is paramount.

Our Mobile DRP Holder is designed to allow the radiographer to easily carry the DR panel during examinations, reducing the risk of accidental drops. One-piece polycarbonate construction, Twin-Lock™ double lock design, and Air-Ride™ corner-protection technology provide real peace of mind against impacts, and an economical insurance policy for your expensive, mobile DR panel.

Reina Imaging’s Twin-Lock™ Dual Locking design offers stability and security, ensuring your detector is locked in place no matter the position.

Reina’s full line of custom-built, medical-imaging protection solutions is manufactured with world-class precision and accuracy standards. We lead the industry in innovative design and construction, as an ISO13485 medical manufacturer. No other accessory maker can claim the same.

Though we may not publicize our safety testing, we follow the strictest protocols and procedures, adhering to stringent regulations. Feel free to contact us at any time if you need more detailed information.

We can also provide the material makeup for our products, and the results of our own product testing on how they perform when dropped or strained. Visit our Product Library for a comprehensive list of our product offerings.

At Reina Imaging, we manufacture with value in mind for every product, up front, guaranteed. Diagnostic imaging provides medical professionals with information from inside the body. Take a deeper look inside the products we use and the advantages become obvious.