Want to roll the dice?

So you’ve finally made the jump from CR to DR. You investigated, had countless meetings, demos, trials, quotes, and negotiations. Your fancy, new, expensive DR panel systems have been installed and are ready to show off your revolutionized facility. Your patient turnaround time will be cut in half, and keeping track of all those CR cassettes and their maintenance will be a thing of the past. Right?

Almost. Let’s discuss why you should replenish and replace accessories used by the radiographers in your department, and consider a few new accessories, when switching to this new, expensive technology.

OEMs tout their robust, lightweight panels with one hand, while offering you expensive insurance coverage with the other. Why? The easy answer is, accidents happen. Anyone with clinical experience in a Level One trauma center knows the organized chaos of a full moon, Saturday night shift. Think that old cross-table holder that has been used since film is a reliable match for the heavy expensive FPD you just bought? Is the grid cap you’ve been using for CR the correct match for your new detector? Do you want your patients standing on these new DR panels for standing-feet exams? Some risks are just not worth taking.

To be safe, a minimum list of accessories should be reviewed during or shortly after the process of a switch to DR has occurred. Will your Table Top Holder stay together during cross-table exams? Will your mobile lateral IR holder be robust and reliable enough for the OR?

So many facilities are falsely led to believe that because their FPD is cassette sized, existing accessories will suffice. This is simply not the case. Daily, Reina Imaging sees and helps resolve this common misstep. Pairing new technology with new technology only makes sense. Or you could always roll the dice, and take a gamble with that new, expensive FPD. Let’s talk about this, and make sure you have the right accessories for your needs.