Talk to us, leave the robots to Final Jeopardy

Do you have one of those little robots in your home yet? The kind you speak to, and it answers with information, or a recipe, or the answer to Final Jeopardy? If you do, you know how handy they can be.

Science forecasts AI will soon be doing many things for us. And in place of us. Automation has proven beneficial – especially in the manufacturing and technology sectors, but the type of tasks that science says won’t soon be accomplished by robots is termed “cognitive non-repetitive.” Which is a fancy way of saying “not predictable.”

Reina Imaging often gets asked for a cheat sheet, a quick spreadsheet for ordering imaging accessories. Wouldn’t having such a tool improve efficiency, and allow our customer base to order more quickly? In short, the unfortunate answer is no. The process of ordering imaging equipment and accessories is anything but predictable.

If ever there was a place where a conversation between humans is needed, it’s ordering diagnostic imaging accessories. Reina Imaging leads the industry with our service attitude, so that conversation is extremely valuable, important, and efficient, for both of us.

Like the display case at the ice cream shop, what we offer comes in more combinations and variations than you can imagine. At Reina, our product library offers nearly every possible solution to most imaging accessories. From our anti-scatter grids, encasements and transformer cabinets, to protective devices and holders, most end-users have no idea how widespread our product offerings reach. Some of these variations are merely a preference while others are a requirement. The combinations of choices would muddy a spreadsheet.

There’s also the language hurdle. The misuse of terminology is rife in diagnostic imaging. End users and resellers can easily stumble down the wrong rabbit hole in an online catalog and end up with an expensive, time-consuming mess to straighten out, while leaving revenue on hold. Do you know if you need a cross-table grid, a decubitus grid or a short-dimension grid? Three very different terms, all describing the lead-line orientation for the same anti-scatter grid. It is critical that we get your order right the first time, and keep your end-users working efficiently.

Diagnostic imaging is commonplace in the HC setting. Simple conversations with Reina Imaging end up saving money and time. For example, if a grid is needed, selecting the correct grid requires expertise and experience. Daily, we educate customers (end user and OEMs alike) about why the grid they are requesting is not the appropriate match for their system or facility. You can depend on our deep knowledge to ensure your final decision is the right one for your facility.

Robots and cheat sheets – have their place. Their biggest benefit lies in repeating the same humble task, over and over. But radiological imaging is about making precise, complex images that become the basis of medical action. Saving money, time, and frustration is reason enough to choose the right way to order imaging accessories from Reina Imaging. But the best reason is, diagnostic imaging is about providing the opportunity to save lives.

At Reina, we exist to provide the technical guidance you need to succeed at your job, and to help as many as you can. It starts with a conversation, not a cheat sheet. Let’s do this the right way, today.