When you buy something, of course you check the price, but you choose by the value. When items are less valuable to you, you don’t mind the cheaper off-brand.

But for important items, like the ones your name, or business, or reputation stand on, value is really all that matters. Value is where the conversation starts, about durability, quality, customization, and technical excellence.  Once you know you’ve made the right choice, price is just where the conversation ends, for today.

Reina Imaging gets asked why we don’t publish pricing on our website. It’s because we want to serve your true needs, the kind discovered in conversation. Imaging is such precise, important work, on which lives depend. Reina decided long ago that the only way to do this work is at the highest level, of both technical and commercial manufacture. We’re a small company, doing all of our work in this country, at a time when shortcuts are easy to find a world away.

We care about talking to you, so we get it right the first time, and every time. Whether by email, phone, or in person, Reina Imaging’s primary responsibility is to act as a strategic partner to our customers.

Because your work is so exacting, we create and offer you the industry’s top imaging equipment. From our anti-scatter grids and encasements to transformer cabinets and imaging accessories, Reina Imaging is a value-based company.  Quality comes first. By combining the world’s highest quality raw materials with stringent, 21st century manufacturing processes, our products deliver unsurpassed functionality.

Reina Imaging also delivers in service, with a Dealer and Original Equipment Manufacturers’ network second to none. As a small company, we are grateful we can depend on our network to carry out our promises. With so many options and combinations, used in so many specific imaging areas, our products are not always conducive to e-commerce.  It makes all the difference, being able to discuss your needs, not just expecting you to be able to make the wise click.  At Reina Imaging, we want to talk to you.

It’s a challenge to any company determined to support families by keeping everything from manufacturing to sales and service in this country.  We are proud to be made – and assembled – in the USA. We’re also proud of and appreciate those who choose to bring that quality and spirit to their own customers. People like you. It matters.

At Reina Imaging, we live up to those promises. Many of our medical accessories have a variety of component pieces and options that comprise finished assemblies and require a good amount of technical knowledge for proper selection.  So we prefer to get it right the first time, and avoid the headaches of returns. If you’re not satisfied, we’re not satisfied. Your trust is too important to us.  We would like you to give our products a try before you decide something isn’t working, because we’re sure you’ll find in the end that all accessories are not created equally.

We all shop online these days. It can be fun to search for the lowest price or a crazy deal. Radiological imaging products are not the place for crazy deals.  When we talk about it, we find the lowest prices for the exact imaging accessories you need. With products that range in price from a few dollars to thousands, we are happy to discuss prices with you at any time. We can provide enormously valuable information, because we are always on the cutting edge of what’s happening in the radiological imaging industry.

So check out our website and library of products, at reinaimaging.wpengine.com. Then let’s talk.