Many medical professionals already know that performing weight-bearing foot and ankle exams in a digital environment can include a number of unique challenges. But there’s good news for radiographers everywhere – the U-Arm Footstool from Reina Imaging has been released to the industry.

This durable and lightweight Footstool enables a radiographer to perform standing-feet X-rays without applying any patient weight to the imaging receptor.

The Footstool protects the imaging receptor while allowing the radiographer to easily position the clear-topped platform to get the correct images of a patient’s foot and ankle during an exam.

The U-Arm Footstool – New Product Release

At Reina Imaging, we know that imaging receptors are valuable pieces of medical equipment. We work hard to create innovative protective devices that allow radiographers to work at the examination speed they need to.

That’s why we created the U-Arm Footstool. This single-step platform is a simple solution to a complex challenge.

The versatile Footstool features a clear top for easy positioning during the exam, and it is lightweight. This allows for easy maneuverability when needed. The product has a weight capacity of 750 pounds and it includes handrails for patient stability and support.

Enable your radiographers to breathe easier during standing feet exams and focus on the task at hand with the U-Arm Footstool.

Why Weight-Bearing Foot & Ankle Exams Are Important

Research has shown that weight-bearing extremity exams are a necessary tool for the diagnosis and treatment of various foot and ankle conditions, like fractures that have not healed and the effects of osteoarthritis.

Through industry-leading construction, Reina Imaging has created a one-step solution that enables you to offer and perform standing feet exams in a digital environment thoroughly and easily, assuring patients that they’re getting the care they need while keeping your equipment safe and secure.

With versatility and durability, this protective platform is the support you’re looking for to stand up to issues with digital standing-feet exams.

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