When it comes to working with a DR (digital radiography) panel, exam speed is very important. It contributes to a number of factors, including the amount of profit a department or medical office can make, workflow efficiency, and more importantly, the ease with which an image can be taken (giving you faster access to the radiologist report).

In the case of emergencies and serious trauma, acquiring diagnostic X-ray information quickly and easily becomes all the more crucial. What’s more, protection of an expensive DR panel may fall to the wayside in these situations.

That’s why you should think ahead and make sure your DR panel is protected with the right type of panel protection accessory for your specific needs.

Why DR Panels Are the Best Choice

Years ago, the majority of medical professionals used CR (computed radiography) cassettes for X-rays. These CR cassettes were lighter and less expensive than DR panels. Before that, they used film cassettes that weighed about the same as CR cassettes, but these were cheaper and stronger than CR cassettes.

Though CR and film cassettes have their benefits, DR panels will save you time and money in the long run, and that’s the best way to grow your practice and improve your healthcare business.

Not only that, but eventually, the entire industry will transition over to DR from CR. It’s smart to start making the move to digital as soon as your budget allows.

Protecting Your Capital Investment

DR panels are fragile and heavy pieces of equipment, and they’re no small investment.

Many radiographers are used to working fast to maximize efficiency. This is great from a productivity standpoint, but it doesn’t work so well to protect your DR panel.

It’s easier to keep your exam speeds up and your equipment maintenance costs down with the right kind of protection system for your DR panel.

Getting the right kind of DR panel protection will enable you and your employees to work at the most efficient speed possible – while keeping your equipment as safe as it can be.

At Reina Imaging, we’re committed to creating innovative solutions that will help you do just that.

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