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Trans-Former LLFS Grid Cabinets

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Trans-Former LLFS Grid Cabinets

The Trans-Former™ long-leg/full-spine grid cabinet lets you expand your imaging capabilities quickly and accurately. An industry-first – the mobile or wall-mounted grid cabinet engineered specifically for unique long-leg/full-spine applications literally “transforms” your radiographic department into its fullest imaging potential. Now patients in the O.R. with extended hardware, or patients who are non-ambulatory can be imaged within one radiograph effectively with less stress to both the operator and the patient. Long-leg/full-spine grid cabinets come with a removable grid cabinet of your choice installed and ready to use.

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  • Trans-Former LLFS Grid Cabinets

    Tube Side

    DR stitching with multiple 14×17 or 17×17 detectors.

  • Trans-Former LLFS Grid Cabinets

    Planfeld grid and anti-scatter grid inside cabinet

    Built in detector overlap makes it easy to position with proper alignment.

  • Trans-Former LLFS Grid Cabinets

    Various sizes and configurations available.

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