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Removable Bucky Inserts

Quickly Adapt to a new DR Panel with the Reina Imaging Bucky Insert Replacing a table and wall bucky is expensive. The material and labor costs to upgrade the equipment can add up fast. The Bucky Insert can be a financial deal saver. It is an adaptor that uses the existing cassette tray at very…

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O.R. Imaging Accessories

Reina Releases a Surgical Suite of Imaging Accessories The operating room is a place of pristine precision. Inaccessible to most, surgery is a stringent, highly regulated area within the entire hospital. With the surgeon at the helm, all team members must play their part. Often, one of those important supporting roles is played by the…

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Reina is in the fight against COVID 19

Ideal diagnostic accessories for pop-up clinics in any environment. Our line of mobile and fixed positioning devices, image receptor holders and protective cases effectively address your general radiographic needs. With zero setup or installation and no requirement for power, our mechanical devices are service-ready out of the box and can withstand high-volume applications under the…

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