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August 29, 2019

RI introduces Image Tailor™ stitching cabinet


The Reina Imaging Image Tailor stitching cabinet is designed to support manual stitching with a single DR panel.

Imaging the full spine or hips to ankles can be a challenge. There are several issues that one must consider: process of care, patient safety, efficiencies, clinical outcomes and, of course, cost. Using multiple image receptors or one single long-format detector increases cost dramatically. The Image Tailor stitching cabinet allows for quick and easy manual stitching with a single DR panel allowing the healthcare providers facility to leverage the full value from a small format detector. The detector can be quickly moved into position to create a long-length image from 34in. to 49in. The factory configured detector positions for each exposure are engineered to work flawlessly with your DR panel and stitching software requirements. The easy to use detent system offers the user the familiar touch and feel of traditional capital equipment. The Image Tailor can be affixed to a Floor Mounted Column, a Mobile or Wall Mounted Trans-Former of a Mobile Positioning Partner.

Image Tailor Features:

  • Designed for precise fitment of 14×17 or 17x17in. image receptors
  • Built in detents to speed workflow and reduce patient hold times
  • Factory configured overlap area for every OEM panel and stitching software requirement
  • Greatly improves total cost of ownership for single detector rooms
  • Removable custom detector holder available with or without a grid
  • Simple push button mechanism engages zero-gravity lift assist in the vertical position and disengages for landscape and under-table position
  • Available in two or three position configurations from 14x34in. to 17x50in.
  • Can be mounted to the Mobile Positioning Partner, Mobile or Wall-Mounted Trans-Former and the Floor Mounted Column
  • Available with Reina Imaging’s sliding Easy Reader radiopaque stitching ruler