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Paxscan Bare Detector 4336R DRP Table Top Holder

Taking shoot-through exams was difficult enough with conventional radiography – now with the advent of mobile DR the image receptor has become larger, more cumbersome and increasingly heavy. The DRP Table Top Holder for Varian’s Paxscan 4336R allows the radiographer to position the mobile DR panel with ease and precision. The DRP-TTH can also be angled caudal and cephalic depending on the examination.

Product Advantages

  • Rotates 360 degrees for caudal and cephalic angling
  • Shimmed for 4336R Bare Detector
  • Balanced for 4336R Bare Detector
  • Extends 27in. high
  • Reliable parts made in the USA

DRP Table Top Holder Brochure

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