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14x34 Trans-Former tube side
Both the planfeld grid and the anti-scatter grid are housed inside the cabinet

14×34 Wall Mounted Trans-Former For Agfa CR

The 34″ Wall Mounted Trans-Former™ long-leg/full-spine grid cabinet lets you expand your imaging capabilities quickly and accurately. The mobile grid cabinet engineered specifically for unique long-leg/full-spine applications literally “transforms” your radiographic department into its fullest imaging potential. The Trans-Former can be positioned either vertically or transversely for full spine imaging. Long-leg/full-spine grid cabinets come with the grid of your choice installed and ready to use and accommodates two 14×17 Agfa CR cassettes.

Cassette and stitching software not included.

Product Advantages

  • Vertical travel
  • Left or right cassette loading
  • Removable grid cabinet
  • Accommodates two 14x17 Agfa CR cassettes
  • No electric needed (non-PBL)
  • Includes Planfeld grid

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