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Tube side of Flat PAG 2
Grid taped onto cassette

14×17 Flat PAG 2

The 14×17 Flat Protect-A-Grid® 2 grid encasement boasts the thinnest, lightweight construction. Made from a combination of aluminum and vinyl, the 2nd generation of PAG protects your grid from incidental bumps, scratches, or contaminants that could occur in the field. The Flat PAG 2 allows the user to tape the grid onto the cassette while maintaining protection during examinations. Fewer artifacts, less downtime, improved patient care, and more budgetary room…a few benefits of the Flat Protect-A-Grid 2 grid encasement.

All Protect-A-Grids must be ordered with a grid. Please select the appropriate grid or contact Reina Imaging for assistance.

Product Advantages

  • Lightweight
  • Thinnest profile
  • Grid protection
  • Economical
  • Works with all 14x17/35x43 imaging receptors

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