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Mobile DR Panel Holders

A lighter approach
to panel protection

The Mobile DRP Holder allows the radiographer to easily carry the DR panel during examinations reducing the risk of accidental drops. One-piece polycarbonate construction, Twin-Lock™ double lock design and Air-Ride™ corner protection technology provides peace of mind against impacts - an economical insurance policy for your expensive mobile DR panel. Another solution from Reina’s full line of custom-built, medical-imaging protection solutions. Visit our Product Library for a comprehensive list of our product offerings.

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Mobile DR Panel Holders

Form meets function.

  • True-Fit™

    With so many brands and models in radiographic equipment, trust Reina to ensure your equipment fits our technology. Take a look through our Product Library today.

  • Twin-Lock™ Dual Locking Device

    Peace of mind, stability and security. Our bi-directional locking system easily retains and secures your DR panel.

  • Air-Ride™ Corners

    Air suspension creates a drop-safe cushion for accidental drops and falls.

Reina Imaging’s Twin-Lock™ Dual Locking design gives you peace of mind, stability and security - ensuring your grid is locked in place no matter how your Mobile DR Panel holder is positioned.

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