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  • Mobile DR Panel Full Enclosure

    Mobile DR Panel Full Enclosure

    The 14×17 Mobile DR Panel full enclosure provides additional fluid and drop protection to sensitive flat panel detectors. deal for the ER, OR, disaster relief and any environment that is subject to potential fluid damage or accidental drops.

  • Wall Mounted Panel Protector

    Wall Mounted Panel Protector

    The Wall Mounted Panel Protector can protect your imaging receptor, PAG encasement and holder. With it’s foam and scratch resistant lining and dual slots, this holder easily mounts to the wall and allows for quick and easy storage. It can accommodate any size imaging receptor that is 20x20x1in. or smaller.

  • Low Base Imaging Footstool

    Low Base Imaging Footstool

    The Low Base Imaging Footstool conveniently position patients for lateral views of the foot and ankle. With a platform only standing 9″ high – the product is low to the ground and lightweight making it easy for patients and takes up little room for storage.

  • U-Arm Foostool

    U-Arm Footstool

    The U-Arm Footstool allows for standing feet x-rays without applying any patient weight to the imaging receptor. A simple single step platform with a clear top to allows the radiographer easy positioning during the exam. It is lightweight and durable. The U-Arm Footstool also has a weight capacity of 750lb and has handrails for patient stability. The clear top allows the radiographer to easily position the detector underneath the unit.

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